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Being a Good Neighbour

Today’s blogging101 task was to comment on four blogs that I’ve not previously commented on. This proved more difficult than I expected. I spent several hours looking for blogs that inspired me to do that, I read several that interested me, but which I could think of nothing useful to write about.

The upshot of this is that I didn’t find the four I was tasked with. Just two, but I produced comments on those that I feel were worthwhile. I wasn’t in the mood for writing froth today… though there are times I can do that with the best of them!

My comments were first, on:

Well done for getting this off the ground (or would “getting this launched” be more appropriate?). There’s certainly a need for this. Were I living in London, it’s an opportunity I would make use of! I’m fortunate in that where I live now, my local leisure centre is very accommodating and my Trans status hasn’t been an issue (or even mentioned); but I’m very aware that my experience isn’t repeated everywhere and there was a time not so long ago when I wouldn’t have been confident enough to test the water on that (sorry, couldn’t resist another pun). I hope you get the numbers to justify your effort and to ensure this continues!

 and secondly, on:

Until now, I’ve only known September 10th as my eldest daughter’s birthday. Now I’ll remember it has another meaning too. Why is this of relevance to me? I have so far lost nobody close to me through suicide, though I’m part of a community that experiences suicide rates some twenty five times that of the general population. There have been a few people I’d met and not known well and heard about and wished I’d known better because perhaps I could have made a difference. And there was a guy long ago at college who took his life a couple of hours after picking an argument with me in the pub and I’d dismissed him with some scathing put downs when I might perhaps have instead realised he was needing help. So thank you for posting this.


My Dream Reader


You’re my dream reader!

You’re talented, you have a spark, you’ve overcome adversity and go forward smiling, confident, radiant.

You’re inspirational!

And that is why I want to work with you, alongside you, why I want you on board to help me to help those who really, really need inspiring to break out of restrictive thought patterns and negative feedback loops, those who can’t see their way forward, can’t see the wood for the trees; have been knocked down too many times and don’t believe it’s worthwhile standing up again; whose spirit is broken; who have disabilities that are not well understood, but who can turn even those things around if they’re shown that it’s possible; not just for others, but for them too.

Who are you? You may be among these, for example…

…or someone I’ve not added there yet…

…and if you are, or believe you are someone who belongs there, then this post is for YOU, so please get in touch!

Written as a blogging101 exercise on 18th September 2014


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