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This morning at the gym, during a ten minute treadmill session, I took the next step up in pace. Having got myself used to walking at 6.5kph over the past couple of weeks, I pushed it up to 7 and found I had to break into a run! I managed around 45 seconds, then dropped the pace to get my breath back. I did a second burst of 30 seconds towards the end. Running has been a huge physical and psychological barrier for me. Five years ago I could barely walk 100m without my lungs bursting.

Running was something I thought for a long time wouldn’t be possible. Even when I was younger, running was never easy for me, as my lungs almost always reacted by going into spasm. Sometimes that meant several days in bed recovering. A couple of times they pretty much wrote me off. So what I did today was huge. And after the way I’ve quickly adjusted to increases in walking pace over the past few weeks… at both 6 and 6.5 kph, I struggled to last a minute the first time I tackled them, but yesterday did 20 minutes at 6.5 with no difficulty. Those seconds of running will become minutes very soon!

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